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What is Healing Dance?


Healing dance bodywork is performed in a warm water pool. The buoyant support of the water allows your body to be moved gracefully through the water. The practitioner pushes and waits patiently for the body to rebound or complete its movement. The soft and yielding water is used to overcome what is hard. The body relaxes when freed from gravity and muscles begin to unwind. Serpentine undulations gently move the spine refreshing the whole body while increasing range of motion. The therapist is deeply attentive and present. Movement is the ‘medicine’ and the ‘received dance’ provides for the healing process.


A unique and personal experience


When you receive this work you have a sense of weightlessness as your body is weaved through rhythmic patterns of movement. The therapist ‘dances’ the receiver using the water for effect with hydrodynamic waves, spirals, circular mandalas, figure 8’s, and various releases. Movement is followed by restful pauses and quiet positional sanctuaries that allow for integration. In a basic session the receiver remains on the surface of the water, and in more advanced sessions the receiver is moved beneath the water with a variety of submergings.



Clients report improved sleep, reduced pain, and a lasting calmness after sessions. Benefits include gentle opening of the joints and enhanced range of motion. This work often triggers a deep state of relaxation for the client. Being held may facilitate emotional healing and help those dealing with trauma. If needed this work can be performed with great gentleness making it ideal for pregnant women or those suffering with limited mobility. 

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Aloha - Here is a sample of my work if you are considering receiving a session.

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Water Massage

Aquatic bodywork known as Healing Dance. Similar to Watsu but more active.


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Randy Hill LMT CAMTC #62661

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Randy has been practicing massage since 2012. His specialties are Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, and most recently aquatic bodywork known as Healing Dance. He completed massage school at the former Four D College in Victorville. From his "former life" Randy holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration. 

Randal Hill CAMTC Certification #62661

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